Hi everybody, this is Carl, N7KUW. I'm an Extra class Ham, and also hold a commercial General Radiotelephone license and a GMRS license. I've been a Ham for over 20 years, and primarily work VHF and UHF in support of Search & Rescue and community events. I'm also motorcycle mobile with a complete dual band radio mounted on my Goldwing and integrated into the bike's audio system. Locally I can be found on the Puget Sound Repeater Group (146.96) repeater, the K7PP repeater (443.400), the K7MMI repeater (146.98), and/or the Search & Rescue Repeater (145.11). My wife, Kathy, is also a Ham, N7RCT. She holds a Tech license, and was one of the first no-code Tech's licensed. She wrote an article about that, which was published in QST.

I'm actively involved with King County Search & Rescue (www.KC4x4SAR.org), and with the Seattle EOC Auxillary Communications Service (www.seattleacs.com and www.seattle.gov/emergency/programs/acs/). I am also working within my Seattle neighborhood, Broadview, to organize neighbors in both Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness, and to establish community emergency communications hubs (www.broadviewprepares.org).

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